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Styngr is the B2B arm of the major & indie music labels. Our SDK & APIs simplify the licensing process and deliver tens of millions of pre-cleared tracks with user analytics, rightsholder payments, and legal indemnification into any game.

About Us

STYNGR delivers today and yesterday’s most popular tracks to gaming and the metaverse, shifting music from a cost center to a profit generator while providing seamless tech that allows players to personalize their audio experience, purchase music emotes, and enjoy curated radio. The world’s only cross platform, cross engine, complete music solution for a creator friendly gaming ecosystem.

Customized Radio


STYNGR radio lets you import, organize, and monetize tracks from the largest curated music experience within gaming.

Millions Of


We are the only provider of major label music emotes, audio skins that are among today's best performing DLC in gaming.

Styngr Creator Fund

Launching gaming's only fund bringing artists and developers together.

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