The Styngr Creator Fund

Styngr is launching the first fund dedicated to building the ecosystem of music in games. The Creator Fund will invest in games, artists, and metaverse experiences.

Music Is Liveops

At Styngr, we believe music and the metaverse are merging. Music brings heart and emotion, and if used correctly, can drive liveops. We envision a world where any game can feature artist drops, music exclusives, and host audio experiences that are as exciting as the visual world of the game. The recorded music industry agrees, together we are working to usher in a new era where music is democratized and all games have access.

We need creators. We need games across the metaverse who are passionate about music. Acceptance into the creator fund will grant your team up to $100,000 in artist and licensing fees. The Styngr team will provide technical, financial, and promotional support to launch experiences and drive community growth. Sourcing artists from major and independent labels to secure likeness rights, PR, curated music, NFT drops, and more...

Apply For Funding

Backing game studios, metaverse creators, and artists

Frequently Asked Questions

What game genres work best for what you all do?


Do you require specific tech specs for optimal usage?


Are there limits to the number of songs we can use?


Is it possible to integrate artists into our game?


I’m an independent artist/record label/music company who owns a sizable song library. Am I eligible to work with Styngr?


What does the process look like for music and metaverse applicants?