Music Dataflow

Use the exact music you want to enrich your experience. As developers you can leverage our proven tech to level up your games and platforms with curated playlists, dynamic radio, music emotes, virtual boomboxes and more. Our simplified engine agnostic system lets you focus on UX while we take care of importing the music you want. Curating tracks for your players, rights management, reporting, and payouts.



Join our community of award-winning game makers and platform partners as we lay the groundwork for a new era in creation, metaverse building, and music monetization.

Players can create Styngs and link music emotes to the in-game moments that you designate.

Give players access to today's top hits as well as an amazing back catalogue of their all time favorites.

Developers can switch music from a cost center directly into profit by leveraging models that allow you to monetize our popular music.

Empower players to personalize, share, and stream their music, building a community around your platform.